To pineapple or not to pineapple....

Always Pineapple!!

What other sweet toppings do you like? I'm a big fan of sweet & savoury mixing...pear and blue cheese, pineapple and mozzarella. Any other suggestions?



  • AVBAVB Posts: 24 Ooni Team Member

    Always pineapple. BUT make sure it's fresh and properly drained of any watery juices.

    The true offender in a Hawaiian pizza is the bland and textureless ham that most places serve up. Replace that with some pepperoni or salami and then you're talking.

  • KevinKevin Posts: 213 ✭✭✭

    @Lindsay_Keegans said:
    Always Pineapple!!

    Agreed - Pineapple for the win!

  • PaulPaul Posts: 3 Ooni Team Member

    Yes to Pineapple

    A good combo is chicken, pineapple and BBQ sauce and always drain your pineapple before added to your pizza.

  • KristianKristian Posts: 8 Ooni Team Member
    Yes to pineapple from me too!

  • pizzaislovelypizzaislovely Posts: 21

    I agree that the ham is the main problem. I love pineapple on spicy pizza in particular, I did a jerk chicken pizza (well Vege chicken) which had pineapple and coconut cream, it was lush

  • DarinaDarina Posts: 8 Ooni Team Member

    Wow guys! Pineapple is winning here. Who knew!!?? Is this 💯 🍍 ❤️?

  • Penny_913Penny_913 Posts: 2
    I LOVE pineapple on my pizza but recently turned it down.  It's a great addition to spicy pizza in particular, but *sometimes* on Neopolitan pizza it adds to the moisture.  Next time I add it I will drain the fresh cut slices extra time like I do the fresh mozz.

  • UnholyPizzaUnholyPizza Posts: 37
    Pineapple for DAYS!! 
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  • jeff_jenkinsjeff_jenkins Posts: 7
    I used to like pineapple on pizza, but no more
  • BroucheBrouche Posts: 5
    I love a sweet pepper relish with porchetta.  A little sweet and a little heat!
  • Whatever you enjoy! That's the beauty of pizza!
  • caswee01caswee01 Posts: 11
    Pineapple and Tabasco! 
  • I don’t mine I don’t mind abit if pineapple 🍍 
  • brassobrasso Posts: 6
    On the right pizza absolutely

  • HolyPizzaHolyPizza Posts: 71 ✭✭
    I am not a fan of it but with a good match of ingredients, everything is possible.
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  • FredericFrederic Posts: 13
    caramelised pineapple with cinnamon
  • VintnerVintner Posts: 5
    Not a fan either 
  • kaha123kaha123 Posts: 10
    Pineapple, but only with onion :-)
    Pineapple but only with really salty ham so to offset the 2 different flavours 
  • I don't even understand the people who don't like pineapple on pizza.  The sweet fruit contrasted with tangy tomato sauce is a match made in heaven.
  • twuyektwuyek Posts: 5
    Pineapple is amazing on pizza, but as others have said it has to be with the right meats. Plain ham is just not that good on a super hot fast bake, it dries out and gets too funky for me. 
  • No pineapple for me!  :s
  • I don't even need meat.  Just pineapple and a really good tomato sauce (and cheese, of course!), and I'm all set.  Hm.  We might need to procure some charcoal.  The weather's turned nice, and now I'm thinking about pineapple pizza.
  • Pineapple is ok. If people can put fish and other crazy things like mac n cheese on it, pineapple isn't the worst offender.  :)
  • Why not? Don't really understand the snobbery surrounding pineapple on pizza.  
  • UnholyPizzaUnholyPizza Posts: 37

    I give you... ham, pineapple, jalapeanos & southwest style sauce!  Bloody tasty!!
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  • TonyD1TonyD1 Posts: 7
    Yes to pineapple
  • It's a cliche to be all faux outraged about how putting pineapple on pizza is wrong...blah, blah, I get that. But ok please allow me to be the soul voice of sanity in this thread, It really, really is though, you're all proper wrong un's😁
  • I'm on the fence, I'll not not eat pizza because of it, but I won't order/make one with ou specifically.
  • Nope
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