Grizzler Cast Iron recipe is a must!

Check out this really easy recipe for Teriyaki Salmon! I Cooked the salmon fillets using the Ooni Grizzler in Ooni Pro cooking on a mix of charcoal and kindling.
The tip here is to get the pro up to temperature with kindling then slowly add charcoal and allow 30 minutes for the temperature to reduce to ensure a low and slow cook.
Serve the salmon at the table using the wooden board.
We made a quinoa Salad for the Salmon to sit on which was unreal.

Full recipe here:


  • KevinKevin Ooni Team Posts: 115

    Delicious and impressive!

  • DavidMillnsDavidMillns Ooni Community Member Posts: 7
    That looks great! I need to finally get around to seasoning my pans! 
  • misuhemisuhe Ooni Community Member Posts: 7
    Skin left on the salmon or taken off?
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