Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no?

Let's settle this debate!

Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no? 43 votes

Yes - Pineapple is delicious on pizza!
46% 20 votes
No - Pineapple + pizza = not good.
34% 15 votes
I don't mind either way.
18% 8 votes


  • PinappleisatoppingPinappleisatopping Ooni Community Member Posts: 1

    There's no question.

  • YummiPizzaYummiPizza Ooni Community Member Posts: 6
    My pizza approach is really traditional (neapoletan style high hydration and long ferment dough) but sometimes I love pineapple on pizza... :-)
  • KevinKevin Ooni Team Posts: 115
    @Pinappleisatopping - I would never have guessed you'd vote that way ;) 
  • mike2089mike2089 Ooni Community Member Posts: 6
    Find myself a traditionist with my pizza, but every now and then fun to experiment, and the "Hawaiian"  comes up every now and then. 
  • SpiceFireSpiceFire Ooni Community Member Posts: 19
    always been firmly in the 'no' camp, until a colleague forced me to try it, and to be honest, it wasn't too bad at all...   can't say I'm "Yes" at the moment, maybe I can be converted!
  • DrDaveDrDave Ooni Community Member Posts: 13
    Pineapple is best served grilled and on a skewer with maybe pieces of chicken betwixt them! 
  • crazymrrcrazymrr Ooni Community Member Posts: 7
  • Wburgman757Wburgman757 Ooni Community Member Posts: 13
    One of the first wood-fired pizzas I ever had was topped with some kind of sweet pickled beet slices. Sounds horrible, but it was good ( and I was very hungry), so I cannot judge those who like pineapple. 
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