Safety - using Ooni inside...

abscamabscam Posts: 16

I would NEVER use the Ooni indoors with or without the gas unit.

I must say I've been really surprised to see multiple people claim they use the gas unit and use the Ooni inside rather than outside. Claiming to use chimney extensions, open windows, etc.

Aside from the natural fire hazard of a mishap the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning is not to be considered so trivial. Is Ooni properly warning purchasers of the gas option of the hazards of cooking indoors?

Maybe its just folks in the EU, but in the US we've been warned for years about the hazards of using gas indoors. I'm rather shocked at the number of facebook Ooni group users who claim they cook indoors with the gas attachment.


  • JamieJamie Posts: 55 Ooni Team Member

    Hi @abscam. We certainly try our best to highlight that Ooni ovens should only be used outdoors whenever anybody asks us and using indoors is definitely not something we would recommend.

  • denadena Posts: 12
    Im surprised someone would dare to try it indoors :open_mouth:
  • LinseyTLinseyT Posts: 8
    If anyone posts something there’s usually someone on the community ready to explain that’s not a great idea.... they just need to build a shelter like pizzaislovely!
  • I am a Fire Marshal in the US and I cringe every time I see a photo of someone using their unit inside with wood or gas. Your absolutely right even when using wood with a chimney attachment, that “attachment” is not rated to convey superheated gases and smoke that is produced from the ooni. It’s also a misconception that the chimney will remove the carbon monoxide with the heat and smoke, it won’t! I like to enjoy my pizza with friends and family and using the ooni is almost like putting on a show but you have to keep everyone safe around you so you can enjoy the incredible pizza!! 
  • Not worth thinking about. Get a good waterproof and a golf umbrella!
  • sdag22sdag22 Posts: 7
    Make your pizzas inside and cook outside. Just isn't worth the risk and danger.
  • Living in Arizona, we do it all outside. I setup a table for prep and pizza making and it makes for an easy go of it. Plus cleanup is super easy. 
  • WinetosserWinetosser Posts: 20
    I don't use my gas BBQ inside and would never contemplate it.
  • BasettaBasetta Posts: 7
    I agree with everybody else: the risk is too high!
  • sharp10sharp10 Posts: 6
    I know Pizza is life... but probably not worth the risk!
  • nadnerbnadnerb Posts: 10
    Not that I would ever use my Ooni inside (I laid a patio just to use my Uuni 3 on!), but I've often wondered what is the difference between using a standard gas oven, grill and hob in a normal kitchen to using an Uuni with a gas burner inside? Is a domestic gas supply much different to patio gas?
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