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Hi all. I'm brand new here and thought I'd make an introduction. My name is Paul and I'm in the Vancouver, Canada are. I just got an Ooni Pro but managed to scorch the bottom of 5 pizzas my first try. I have the pellet and propane attachments but have only tried the propane so far. I'm looking forward to getting a feel for this great little tool.


  • AVBAVB Posts: 24 Ooni Team Member
    Hi Paul - welcome!
    You'll get the hang of the Pro in no time, but a couple of quick tips to stop burning your bases:
    1) get yourself an IR thermometer. They're an absolute must have to check the stone temperature (aiming for 400-450C for Neapolitan pizza) and get great results
    2) if the stone is too hot, try resting a cast iron sizzler pan on it for 30-60 seconds to absorb some of the heat
    3) if you can see the base is done but the top needs a little longer, try 'doming' your pizza. ie pick it up with your long handle peel and hold it up to the top of the oven. It will stop cooking the base while you finish the top.
    4) when you turn the pizza in the oven, try to put it back on the same spot on the stone. The pizza absorbs heat out of the stone as it cooks, so moving it around too much means it's continually on hot exposed areas.

    Good luck. Please post some pics so we can see how you're getting on.

    AB  :)
  • KevinKevin Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    All great advice, AVB! An infrared thermometer is my must-have toy for cooking pizza. If you don't have one, I'd recommend reducing your preheat time so that the stone and ambient temperature are equal.

    Another thing I would recommend is to use charcoal and wood with Pro. It's so much fun and charcoal is a nice, easy way to maintain a consistent temperature. You can add a piece of hardwood to get the burst of heat you need to cook the toppings.

    Please do keep us posted with your progress:
  • Thanks for the welcome and the great advice fellas. I actually do have the laser thermometer and really should have used it. I will pay closer attention to my base temps as well. Thank you again. 

  • piefacepieface Posts: 12
    Great tips from the Oooni Team which have all worked well for me. Fellow Canadian from WInnipeg (you didn't expect me to say "Canuck" did you? Go Jets!!!).
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