Hi. There doesn't seem to be a category for 2S users. Then again, perhaps there doesn't need to be one as we never have problems! Where, however, do we discuss pellets, peels and gas?

If this forum is going to be a serious alternative to Facebook then I think some selective geographical separation would be useful. I live in Washington (the original one in the UK!), so for me discussions about pellets, for example, or where to buy equipment would be most helpful with a UK focus. Perhaps we could have the option to set a location in our profiles and have it visible in our posts.



  • JamieJamie Posts: 55 Ooni Team Member
    Hey Colin, welcome to the new community and thanks for giving us feedback right away, it's very much appreciated. We want to grow this with everyones help and I'll certainly float the idea of a location being visible. 

    We love Uuni 2S owners and we're always happy to help you out wherever we can and offer any hints and tips. Ooni HQ is based in the UK so you can lean on us for tips. We always recommend Ooni pellets first because we put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the ones that work best in our ovens. We also plant tree's to replace the wood so mother nature isn't taking a hit in order to let us all enjoy delicious pizza. 

    If you've got any other questions please feel free to ask away and we'll help you out!
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