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Hi folks

My name is Andreas - I'm from northern Germany and proud owner of an UUNI Pro - got it last thursday!

Main reason for buying was to make the "best pizza" for our weekly family Pizza Dinner. Every friday we have a good pizza (at least we try). The fruststration so far was the conventional oven, which could reach 300 degrees C, but not more. So black steel plate and 3cm firebrick stone was used. Time for a pizza 6 - 8 minutes.

The uuni pro makes it in less than 2 minutes!

I have two minor issues - either the hatch or the housing is slighly bended, resuling in a tiny vent where smoke (while fired with wood) escapes and 1 of my 4 stones is 2mm higher than the other ones, resulting in an edge which annoys the peel if this stone is placed on the second line.

Below my first "uuni pro" Pizza, using a poolish sourdough, typo 00, semola and manitoba with 66% hydration and 2 day cold fermentation. The leftover dough got an additional day in the fridge and was better to "work with" - the below form resulted from a too cold dough and the 2 days fermentation - next time I will give it 3 days again :)

Cheers from Germany!



  • AVBAVB Posts: 24 Ooni Team Member
    Hi Andreas. Welcome - that's a great looking pizza!

    For your stone wobbling, you can adjust the screws on the floor of the Pro to even them out. That should hopefully solve that problem...

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